With twenty years experience, I bring a passion for excellence to my events. Wedding are my specialty, servicing all of New England. Please give a call, text or send an email for more information on my services. We also offer uplighting!

So many details go into planning the perfect event. The right disc jockey does make the party. See my preferred vendors page to insure excellence in photography, catering, planning, floral design and venues.

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Michael O’Neill has been DJ’ing since high school. Graduated from UMass Amherst and established MCO Productions in 2002, which offers DJ’s and pub trivia throughout greater Boston, Portsmouth and Providence. Author of The Best Bar Trivia Book Ever: All You Need For Pub Quiz Domination (2014) Buy it here
For a decade, Michael was a DJ and sound board controller for the Boston Bruins while the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011.
Michael was based in Boston until relocating to the Portland, ME area in 2021. DJ’ing weddings in a different market brings much excitement, but frequently plays in Boston frequently.

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    Your wedding is a very special day for you, your family and friends. It’s the one day that everything should happen the way you want it to. I am the DJ who will deliver your vision. With over 20 years of experience entertaining different types of crowds, I know exactly what to play for a mixed age group who gets together for a celebration. My specialty is playing what the bride and groom prefer, while staying away from “cheesy” wedding songs and getting everyone dancing. Generally, I only talk on the microphone for introductions and brief announcements, and let the music do the work. That’s my style, low-key but very effective. You tell me what you want, I will give you that.

    Whether you envision a traditional wedding or something out of the ordinary, DJ Michael will provide.

    Your expectations will be surpassed with a little preparation.

    Recipe for success…

    Preparation… You will need to select your key songs (first dance, cake cutting, etc.).

    I am happy to provide suggestions at anytime. You should also make a list of songs, artists, or genres of music that you enjoy. This list is not necessary, but it will insure that I play the right mix for you. The form is located in the wedding planner. Once you’ve completed the planner, we will discuss your music selections. Regarding my music collection, I have everything. You may choose whatever songs you like and I will play your selections at the most appropriate time. Most people prefer not to hear ‘cheesy’ music. That’s not a problem. I will create cd’s with your key songs and other requests. They are yours to keep when we’re done, bring them on your honeymoon!

    Next, we will go over the order of events, name pronunciations, etc. Once we’ve had this last meeting/conversation, you will have nothing to worry about regarding entertainment. Being prepared makes for a smooth, flawless reception.

    On the big day, Michael will arrive early to set-up and coordinate with the facility staff and other vendors. We use top of the line gear that sounds brilliant, but is not obtrusive. We also bring a backup set of equipment that we would use for the ceremony music or cocktail hour, if in a different location. We usually wear dark suits, but will wear tuxedos upon request. We also provide a cordless mic for the toasts that can be made anywhere in the room. The announcements and introductions are rehearsed, tasteful and timely.

    The dance portion of the reception is the easiest part. We play a mix of songs that inspire everyone to dance. Songs that people know and love are seemlessy blended together, while adhering to your play/no play lists. Generally, I stay away from the overplayed wedding songs, but again, I will play whatever you want. I am looking to play your requests while maintaining a fun and energetic dance floor. It is not necessary to encourage line dances and games when the right mix of music keeps everyone dancing.

    Please contact me about your wedding date. If I am available, I will mail or email you a contract. A deposit of $500 holds the date. We will work out the details in the coming months.

    Any questions will be quickly responded to by email, phone call or text at 617.901.7701.


    We now offer uplighting, which can transform a room or tent to the color(s) of your choosing: 10 LED fixtures with 8 hour battery life controlled by a remote.



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    The Best Bar Trivia Book Ever: All You Need for Pub Quiz Domination is the result of many years of experience and a lot of help from my publisher and friends and associates. It's got a lot of interesting facts and covers some amount of srategy as well. Available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble


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    How long have you been DJ’ing?

    My DJ career started in high school, continued through college, and never stopped. It’s been over twenty years of working clubs and bars, all types of events including for the Boston Bruins. Currently it’s primarily weddings. The wedding process is long and incredibly fun and rewarding. I’m typically booked a year or two in advance. My goal is to make couples so happy that they leave a review and refer me to their friends and family. It happens organically but I advertise as well.

    What is your music collection like?

    I have everything. If there are requests from the bride and groom that I don’t have, I’ll add those songs to my collection beforehand as I prepare. Spotify and Apple music are also useful for requests by guests. I can spin just about any genre of music for a few hours. What I like about weddings is playing a little bit of everything.

    Do you mix beats?

    Yes! Whichever genre of music I am playing, I’m looking to play the perfect song next and it’s great to adjust the pitches slightly so one song flows right into the next. This can be done with just about any song as long as the tempo (beats per minute) is similar. Song selection is critical and mixing them tight is just as important!

    Can we pick out songs to be played, and create a no-play list?

    Absolutely! From the prelude music pre-ceremony to the last song of the reception, I’m open and receptive to your preferences. It’s your wedding.

    Do you have insurance?

    Yes, I have a million dollar commercial policy and will produce a certificate of insurance (C.O.I) upon request. Some venues require this and it’s no problem.

    What do you wear for weddings?

    My attire consists of a black collared dress shirt and dress pants. I look like a member of the catering staff. I’m happy to wear a suit upon request.

    What kind of equipment do you use and do you bring backup?

    I’ll bring 2 – 3 complete sound systems so one can act as a backup to another. It’s not unusual to provide music and mics in 2- 3 areas at a venue.
    For my main system, I use JBL speakers with 15″ woofers. A 18″ JBL subwoofer is available upon request. The small system is QSC 2K.
    For mixing, I use Traktor software and a controller on HP computers. They run through a Denon mixer and BBE sonic maximizer. The sound is incredible and played at an ideal volume level throughout the entire event.

    Can you work off of a generator or battery source?

    Yes, I have run weddings off of a provided generator. I also own a battery which will supply power for ceremony sites or cocktail hours in locations without power for a few hours.

    What if an act of God prevents you, Michael from being able to DJ our wedding?

    I work with a network of DJ’s and a suitable substitute will be provided.

    Can we reach out to you throughout the planning process with questions about music, logistics and formalities?

    Yes, please do! Call, text or email, I’ll be the most responsive vendor you deal with as you prepare for your wedding. I’m more than happy to help!